Curriculum Vision

Curriculum Vision  Activity for Staff, Governors and Parents

An excellent curriculum is based on a set of guiding principles agreed by key stakeholders. A simple process for reaching agreement is using a ‘diamond 9’ activity. This requires groups of participants to consider a range of statements,  select their top 9 statements and rank these in a diamond shape according to their importance or significance. Participants must place the statement with the highest priority at the top of the formation. The second, third and fourth row consists of statements that are ranked with descending priority, with each row having two, three and two statements respectively. The ninth card is placed at the bottom to make the diamond shape. Groups can then collaborate to look for common statements and work together until finally the 9 statements are selected that represents the school’s agreed principles.


Here is a master set of 15 cards that can be used to create your curriculum vision. They can be cut up and placed in envelopes for groups to use. Words can be added, phrases combined or extended so that the principles accurately reflect the views of stakeholders.

Curriculum vision