children working in classComments from teachers using teachingToolkits

“I launched the teachingToolkit units with the staff last week and you’ll be pleased to know that people were inspired and very excited about delivering them.” - English Lead, St Anthony’s School
“We are all so excited about using these materials to develop a refreshed and inspiring curriculum for our children” - Headteacher, Shustoke CofE Primary
“A powerful ‘tool’ which we can adapt for our children/school easily” – Deputy Head, George Fentham School
“Creative, challenging, purposeful and fun – an engaging English curriculum” - English Lead, Hodge Hill Primary School
“Thank you – your resources break down the teaching sequence clearly and logically. It identifies all new National Curriculum links for us. It will allow us to teach in a fun way!”
“We are very grateful for the high quality planning provided by ‘teachingToolkits’” - Acting Head, Yew Tree Primary School
“very robust…. Allows teachers to concentrate on differentiation…. not so expensive”
” The toolkit is an invaluable resource for teachers. It provides guidance and support… ahead of the new… curriculum. While it is the A-Z of teaching English, it is extremely flexible and provides natural and meaningful links for the children throughout” - Deputy Head/English Lead, Burman School
“…super resources/teaching ideas”
“…fantastic books & exciting opportunities for creativity through the curriculum (I can’t tell you how excited I am about midsummer night’s dream in Year 2!)”
“…across [the] curriculum – great ‘hooks’ to hang our other subjects [on]”
“…clear links to new curriculum & assessment”
“…clear teaching sequence for less confident teachers”
“…great starting point for what seemed an overwhelming challenge (love the detailed sequences)”
“Fun, exciting, interesting …clearly set out…”
“Excited by the teaching sequence. Staff generally are keen to get going!”

North Dudley Learning Partnership (following a course on Using Rich Texts to improve writing based around teachingToolkits units):
“Thank you. A great afternoon. I loved it! What a reassuring and creative approach, building on what we do already, with some fantastic new ideas and techniques to try.”
“Excellent course full of lots of ideas on approaches to engaging children in writing. Liked the different strategies and building up vocabulary and language first before the writing stage.”
“A fantastic and thoroughly useful course. I’ve enjoyed how to reveal a text to a class and how you can use texts to help teach explanatory or other non-fiction texts. Look forward to looking on website”
“Great session, lots of guidance and information on how to use texts for the different purposes for the children’s writing.”

….and from Ofsted…..

We are delighted that Ofsted is recognising the contribution that teachingToolkits English Units are making to the quality of teaching and learning in inspections.

“Pupils showed great empathy with characters in a poem and made excellent progress in writing”. (Poetry with Attitude Unit)

“Pupils enthusiastically acted out a part of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Boys, in particular, expressed their love of Shakespeare”. (An Encounter with Shakespeare Unit)