Introduction to English medium term plans

Welcome to the teachingToolkits Primary Curriculum for English for Year 1 to Year 6.


The teaching units, with integrated assessment:

  • are designed to meet the English requirements for each year group from Year 1 to Year 6 for spoken language, reading and writing
  • reflect the raised expectations for each year group. Some units focus on teaching specific text types, while others apply this learning across a range of contexts, including cross-curricular reading and writing opportunities.
  • are delivered as editable MS Word documents, allowing schools maximum flexibility in personalising them to suit particular needs.
  • come with a long term curriculum overview which shows the whole programme at a glance 
  • include a spelling overview which suggests a sequence for teaching the national curriculum spelling and phonics requirements

There are 6 units for each year group, balanced to cover fiction, non-fiction and poetry 

Each unit consists of:

  • An overview of aims and anticipated outcomes;
  • Relevant teaching objectives from the new National Curriculum for Spoken Language; Reading; Writing; Grammar; Spelling;
  • A progressive teaching sequence to guide staff;
  • Integrated assessment and progression related to the new age appropriate expectations for reading and writing. This takes into account the raised expectations in the new curriculum;
  • End of year assessment, reporting progress in spoken language (Unit 6);
  • A comprehensive list of texts and resources to support the focus of each unit.

Drama, role play and performance encourage pupils to respond imaginatively and creatively. Approaches such as ‘Writing For Real’ and ‘Mantle Of The Expert’ provide lots of problem solving opportunities where pupils can apply their learning to real and meaningful contexts.

Please click here to choose a sample KS1 unit to look at or here to choose a sample KS2 teaching unit